Insurance and Managerial Services

Insurance of the Society  –

The Bye laws prescribe that the society has to insure society building/s necessarily against risk of fire and earthquake. To accomplish the law we provide insurance service to Co-operative Housing Societies. 

Managerial Services to Co-operative Housing Societies – 

Following duties are performed by our trained managers to function the societies proficiently and systematically - 

  • Preparation of cash and bank vouchers
  • Filling up of slip book with all necessary details
  • Filing of all important documents in order
  • Updating bank passbook every week
  • Depositing cheques in bank
  • Payment of Electricity bills, Water charges and Property tax bills
  • Salary payment to various sources after deducting TDS
  • Supervising security personnel
  • Supervising Housekeeping staff
  • Supervising Electrical equipments installed in the society
  • Co ordination with Accounting agency
  • Checking and distributing Maintenance bills
  • Maintaining complaint register
  • Fixed deposit renewal reminder
  • Issuing notice of various meetings to members and committee members
  • To maintain statutory registers
  • Fixed deposit renewal reminder 

Should you be interested to know any information regarding accounting and managerial services and the ways in which we can assist you in administration of bye-laws?

Please feel free to contact us for assistance.