Services Provided by Acme Computers

It gives us immense pleasure to provide the following services to Co-operative Housing Societies:

Billing – Monthly/Bi-Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly

  • Bill, Receipt & Arrears Summary

Accounting – Monthly/Quarterly Reports

  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Receipt & Payment Statement

Yearly Reports -

  • Members' Ledger
  • General Ledger
  • Income & Expenditure Statement
  • Balance Sheet

Other Services

Auditing services –

Services of Panel Auditors to audit finalization of Balance Sheet and Income & Expenditure.

Liaison with Auditor –

Co-ordination with Auditor approved by Managing Committee for Balance sheet audit.

Filing Income Tax and TDS Returns –

As per prescribed by Bye laws we provide service of filing annual Income Tax and quarterly TDS Returns.

Application for PAN & TAN –

Facilitate the societies to obtain PAN and TAN at nominal charges.

Submission of Education Fund Cheque –

Co-operative Housing Societies are appealed to pay “Education Fund’ at Rs. 3/- per member per year to the “Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sangh Ltd.’” The same has to be paid at Mumbai Sahakari Sangh Ltd., Dhannur Building, 4th floor, Sir P M Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001. We render the above mentioned service on request of the society.

Submission of ‘O’ form –

We submit approved Audit Rectification Report of Statutory Audit remarks to the Co-op Registrars office.

Collection & delivery of Documents –

Documents for billing and accounting are collected and delivered by our person on the date fixed by the society.

Depositing Members’ cheques in Bank –

Members’ cheques for the maintenance bills are deposited in the bank at nominal charges.

Notice to defaulting members –

On request of Committee members we issue reminder and 2 notices to the defaulting members regarding payment of amount outstanding on behalf of the society.

Backup of old records –

Storage of previous record in our system for earlier dated reference.

Legal advice –

Guidance in legal matters with the assistance of Advocates.

Maintenance of Statutory Registers –

Creating and updating Statutory Registers as prescribed by the Model Bye laws.

Following are the Statutory registers which we create and update-

  • ‘I’ Form Register
  • ‘J’ Form Register
  • Share Register
  • Nomination Register
  • Sinking Fund Register
  • Property Register
  • Investment Register
  • ‘O’ Register
  • Dead stock Register
  • Mortgage Register

Conducting Election –

Returning officer helps to conduct Election in the society as per the rules and regulations of Maharashtra Co-operative Society Act, 1960 and Maharashtra Co-operative Society Rules, 1961 and bye laws of the society.

Online support for billing and accounting inquiry –

Doubts and queries regarding billing and accounting are entertained online by our senior accountants.

Insurance and Managerial Services -


The Bye laws prescribe that the society has to insure society building/s necessarily against risk of fire and earthquake. To accomplish the law we provide insurance service to Co-operative Housing Societies.

Managerial Services

Various duties are performed by our trained managers to function the societies proficiently and systematically -Preparation of cash and bank vouchers.